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Organic Eggs

Wilcox Farms Organic eggs come from our flocks of organically raised and grown hens.  Wilcox sources feed from our own farm and other LOCAL farmers.  We mill the feed ourselves, in our own certified organic feed mill using the finest organic mixture of corn, peas, alfalfa, wheat, flax and soy.  Our hens  live a cage free lifestyle, enjoying access to the outdoors.  Our chickens are naturally cared for, never given any hormones or antibiotics. They produce delicious organic eggs, Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care.

Organic Eggs:  Brown Large
Organic Eggs:  Brown Extra Large
Organic Eggs:  Brown Medium 18 Count
Large Brown Organic Eggs
Size: Large
Count: 12
Nutritional Info
Extra Large Brown Organic Eggs
Size: XL
Count: 6
Nutritional Info
Medium Brown Organic Eggs
Size: Medium
Count: 18
Nutritional Info
Organic Eggs:  Brown Medium 12 Count
Medium Brown Organic Eggs
Size: Medium
Count: 12
Nutritional Info


Nancy Hunter Says:

Why aren’t the Wilcox Organic, cage fee eggs, marked “certified humane” on the cartons like the Wilcox regular cage free eggs? I’ve read that cage free chickens live in over crowded conditions although not in cages.

Please respond to email address above.

Thank you.

    admin Says:

    We had some cartons in inventory that we chose to use up not throw away in order to be more environmentally friendly.

Natasha Galbreath Says:

I stopped buying your organic eggs a while ago from Costco, because while the packaging said Organic, it did NOT say cage free, which is whats most important to me.

If I understand from your website… your organic eggs are cage free? Is this correct? I want to be absolutely sure I buy cage free eggs, and that those free roaming chickens are still treated humanely!

Please do respond and let me know. Id like to begin purchasing your eggs again but want to be sure about this.

LuAnn Says:

Hello, we are enjoying the brown organic eggs in the large(18) sized container. We go through two a week for our large family. I wish you could use a recyclable packaging, such as cardboard, so we don’t add to the landfill.

Eugene, Oregon

    admin Says:

    LuAnn, you’ll be pleased to know our plastic egg cartons are made from recycled plastic and are completely recyclable. Thanks for sharing your concerns!