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Non-GMO Eggs

Wilcox Family Farms Non-GMO eggs are laid by hens fed an antibiotic-free, vegetarian diet that meets Non-GMO Project standards from the time they are chicks.  This means the Non-GMO Project verifies the hens’ diet meets the Project’s standards for animal feed. The feed is continually traced, tested, and segregated, ensuring integrity to finished product. In addition to their feed, our hens go outside where they forage through Northwest grasses for bugs. These nutritious and delicious eggs are also Certified Humane® by Humane Farm Animal Care.  For more information on verification visit The Non-GMO Project Website.

FR Omega NGMO 12ct scaled
Large Brown Free Range Non-GMO Eggs with Omega-3

  • Feeding hens a diet rich in flax seed gives each egg a nutritious boost of 225 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Size: Large
Count: 12
Available at Northwest:  Whole Foods, PCC, New Seasons, QFC, Metropolitan Markets, Amazon Fresh-Seattle, and Walmart.

Free Range White Oregon Grown
Large White Free Range Non-GMO Eggs – Grown in Oregon

  • We have partnered with the Baker family in Oregon to raise free range hens. The Baker’s have been farming in the Willamette Valley for many years. Brent Baker, with the help of his teenage sons, has been trained and entrusted with the Wilcox brand standards for quality and animal husbandry.  These hens enjoy Non-GMO Project  Verified feed and are Certified Humane® by Humane Farm Animal Care

Baker familyOregonGrown-01






Size: Large
Count: 12
Available at Northwest: Fred Meyer, PCC, and New Seasons