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Retail Egg Products

When it comes to planning your meals you want quality and great taste. From making a wholesome breakfast to baking apple pies, you need consumer egg products you can count on. And you need eggs from small to large meals.

Wilcox Family Farms has a variety of consumer egg products for your cooking needs. Our consumer egg products include cage-free eggs, organic eggs, omega 3 eggs and vegetarian fed eggs. We also carry a full line of shell and liquid eggs and egg products. You’ll enjoy eggs hatched by healthy and strong organic cage free chickens.

All of our consumer egg and egg products are nutritious and healthy. Your family will enjoy the best freshest tasting eggs in the Pacific Northwest. Our consumer eggs and egg products are perfect for all types of cooking. Use them for regular meals, special events or serving multiple guests. From breakfast to dinner, you’ll get only the highest quality eggs and egg products to complete your meals.