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Learn how Chris Wilcox raises our Grass Fed Angus Beef!

Posted On: March 9th, 2014

Our cattle live on our organically certified orchard grasslands full of sweet Alice clover. I personally care for 20 cows who roam year round on about 120 acres at our century old Wilcox farm. These animals are grass fed and grass finished, no hormones or grain.

Our cattle are sold by the 1/4, 1/2 and whole Black Angus sides of beef. Commonly, a quarter beef weighs from 150 to 200 lbs. We do not sell meat in grocery stores, only directly to consumers.

We ask .55 cents per pound for the butcher and $4.00 per pound for the farm for a total price of $4.55 per pound. The same day the cow is slaughtered the meat is transported by a state inspected and humane certified truck to Salmon Creek Meats in Mossy Rock, WA. There the meat is dry, cold aged for 21 days. You will see a loss in moisture and weight during this process. That’s a very important step, which greatly enhances the flavor and tenderness. Many restaurants insist on this step. Each cow is traceable from my field, to the butcher and then to you.

When the meat arrives at the butcher, you are free to call and talk to Joe and Sona Markholt, the husband and wife team of butchers. After the meat is aged they will cut it up and you’re welcome to help direct the process or just follow normal, cutting and wrapping instructions. You are entitled to organ meats like heart and liver, as well as your portions of the tongue and tail. You also have the opportunity to get soup and dog bones.

After the meat is frozen, I pick it up in a refrigerated truck. We arrange a meeting place and drop off point that’s convenient for all.

Food is precious and it’s what you put into your family’s mouth. Often consumers have no idea where their food comes from. Whomever you choose to buy meat from, please do a careful due diligence on how the animal is fed, rose, and handled afterwards during the aging and butchering process. Heck, you can even come out to my farm and check us out!

I do hope you choose my farm. If you do we ask for a $100 deposit per quarter and you can mail it to me, Chris Wilcox, at 40400 Harts Lake Valley Rd. Roy, WA 98580