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Blue Star Café and Pub

Posted On: March 6th, 2011

Tucked along Stone Avenue North in Seattle is the Blue Star Café and Pub. Started by Leon Torrey in 1997, the Blue Star Café and Pub is one of the top breakfast destinations in Seattle. The Blue Star Café and Pub serves amazing lunches, traditional dinners in a relaxing atmosphere. They specialize in serving Seattle’s best egg dishes.

Leon Torrey decided to use the Wilcox Family Farms’ brand 20 years ago. He realized Wilcox Family Farms was the quality local egg supplier. Recently they switched to using nothing but our cage-free eggs. Leon’s daughter General Manager Wendy Morales shares their story.

“We were notified by the Humane Society to look into using cage-free eggs. The Human Society recommended Wilcox Family Farms. I contacted Mark Wilcox. I presented the idea to Leon and Chef Tran. After tasting their samples we agreed to make the switch. Our customers enjoy the excellent taste. We’re pleased to be using Wilcox Family Farms’ products.”

According to Wendy they made the switch, because their customers wanted cage-free eggs. And they’re highly educated about sustainable foods and products.

Featured Egg Dish

Posted On: March 5th, 2011

Power into your day with the Top Gun Scramble! Seattle’s best egg breakfast is made with cage-free eggs from Wilcox Family Farms. The Top Gun Scramble is loaded with bacon, green onions and house made Pico de Gallo. It’s also stuffed with tomato, avocado, Jack cheese, sour cream and spinach.

The Self-Taught Chef

Posted On: March 5th, 2011

Chef Hoa Tran is a self-taught chef. He’s also the Kitchen Manager for the Blue Water Café and Pub. He’s been preparing Seattle’s best egg dishes for over 27 years. He enjoys preparing meals using cage-free eggs for his customers. Chef Tran and his elite cooking staff use cage-free eggs for all of their 50 egg dishes. Most dishes are made using fresh and house made ingredients.

These include the eye-popping Top Gun Scramble, omelets and fresh salads. Chef Tran is known for Blue Star’s unique homemade menu items and multiple menu options. Here’s what one of Seattle’s top chef’s says about our liquid egg products.

“Their liquid eggs aren’t watery like other eggs. They have good color and more of a natural and wild flavor. They taste the same as their whole eggs.”