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Salmon Safe

The Nisqually River runs along 1,500 acres of Wilcox Family Farms on the west side. Each year salmon travel up the Nisqually River to spawn. They need a consistent salmon-safe environment. We’re committed to keeping the Nisqually River free of pesticides and contaminates.

Wilcox Family Farms is Salmon-Safe certified. Our salmon-safe practices keep the Nisqually River and salmon environmentally safe at all times. We follow strict water reclamation and conservation guidelines. As a result each year salmon enjoy a natural and beautiful spawning habitat. The Salmon-Safe certification is our continued commitment to keeping salmon, consumers and the environment safe and healthy.

Learn more about the Salmon-Safe practices at www.salmonsafe.org.

Wilcox Family Farms is a proud participant in Stewardship Partners. We participate in helping protect the Nisqually River and watershed. This covers the watershed from Mt. Rainier to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. Stewardship Partners helps in protecting important river, forest and other nearby habitats. Get more information about Stewardship Partners and watch their videos at www.stewardshippartners.org.

Wilcox Family Farms has maintained a close working bond with the Nisqually Tribe for the past 50 years. This relationship keeps local salmon and the Nisqually River clean and salmon-safe for the species. The Nisqually Tribe and Wilcox Family Farms continue to share salmon-safe ideas and practices. We work together to maintain a natural and chemical-free salmon habitat.