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Cage Free Aviary System


Wilcox Farms Cage Free Aviary System interactive video.


Wilcox Family Farms wanted to create the healthiest environment possible for our organic cage-free chickens with the space, comfort and peace they need to lay the best quality organic eggs. After an exhaustive search Wilcox Farms discovered the Aviary System. The Aviary nesting system is currently the most advanced nesting system in the world.

The Aviary system acts as a “condo for birds”. It has several levels allowing cage-free chickens to walk or fly up or down the levels. They can flap their wings (or have “elbow room”), perch and do other natural activities and move about freely.  This freedom to move increases the hens bone strength and makes them healthier. Our healthy and happy organic cage-free hens truly produce healthier and better tasting organic eggs.

Wilcox Farms also wanted to protect our organic cage-free chickens and eggs from salmonella and other contaminants.  Most chicken farms don’t properly get dispose of hen waste and dirt. This dirt and waste build up leads to sickness and the spread of salmonella. The Aviary system solves both problems. A manure belt collects the falling dirt and manure falling off the hens. Wilcox Farms cleans the manure belt each week. Salmonella and dirt never get a chance to affect the health of the chickens and the quality of your eggs.

Chickens enjoy having a soft area to comfortably position themselves to lay eggs. The Aviary system provides these soft nesting areas. Egg cracking is reduced in this cushioned nest, so the majority of the laid organic eggs aren’t damaged. The chickens have access to feed and water in all levels, whether they like to fly or hang low.  Wilcox Family Farms uses the Aviary nesting system to help our hens produce healthy and safe organic eggs for generations to come.