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Organic Cage-Free Chickens

Wilcox Farms cage free chickens produce organic eggs.

When your eggs come from organic cage-free chickens, they’re better tasting, fresh and nutritious. How is this possible? Our organic cage-free chickens have free access to the outdoors. They’re organically and vegetarian fed. The nutrients inside your eggs aren’t tainted by pesticides or growth hormones. This helps them to produce eggs the organic and natural way. The hens are uninterrupted in their natural process of producing cage-free organic eggs.

What does it mean to have eggs produced free of pesticides and growth hormones? From French toast to baked goods, you’ll have healthy and better tasting eggs with every meal! Do you want the ultimate omelet or bigger serving sizes? Try our medium to jumbo sized organic cage-free eggs. Buying organic eggs and egg products laid by organic cage-free chickens gives your family the best tasting, farm fresh eggs in the Pacific Northwest.