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Green Sustainable Farming

Wilcox Commitment to Green Sustainable Farming

Green sustainable farming allows Wilcox Family Farms to maintain a completely organic environment.  Through green sustainable farming we prevent pollution from building up nearby.  Our green sustainable farming methods use no pesticides or growth hormones.  The goal is to make sure you’re getting all natural eggs and egg products.  The goal is to supply you with the best natural organic eggs and egg products, while providing a green future for generations to come.

Wilcox Family Farms has committed to becoming completely cage-free.  The cage-free transition will keep your completely organic, healthy and better tasting.  We plan to stay a completely organic egg producer.  It’s one of the reasons 500 acres of our farmland is certified organic.  And our salmon-safe program keeps local salmon and nearby Nisqually River free of pesticides or harmful chemicals.   It’s another example of our commitment to green sustainable farming.

Wilcox Family Farms believes in keeping our customers, hens and eggs safe and healthy.  We understand you want eggs and egg products that help you make healthy food from scratch.  Wilcox Family Farms will continue to invest in the latest green sustainable farming technologies for you and future generations.  You’ll enjoy organic egg and egg products that are better tasting and safe.