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Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming is responsible farming. Wilcox Family Farms is committed to taking care of our land. We want it to be around for the next 100 years. Using pesticides and chemicals in irresponsible ways can run off into the Nisqually River. Chemicals and pesticides will eventually harm the salmon and harm the farmland.

When Judson and Elizabeth Wilcox first started they were organic and cage-free. They used organic farming and sustainable farming methods to maintain their land and chickens. Extra care was taken to maintain the quality and safety of hens and farmland. It’s one of the main reasons Wilcox Family Farms continues to operate to this day.

In our commitment to sustainable farming we have our own feed mill onsite. This allows us to make our own feedstuff. We also contract with local partner farms for additional feedstuff. We contract with local partner farms, so we know what our hens are getting. Our feedstuff contains no pesticides or harmful chemicals. Our hens eat organically giving you fresh tasting and nutritious organic cage-free eggs.

The fourth generation of Wilcox Family Farms is committed to sustainable farming methods. Andy, Brent and Chris Wilcox plan on having this land around for the next 100 years. When sustainable farming methods are used farm land can last for many generations. And sustainable farming insures your family will get healthy, nutritious and great tasting organic eggs.

Sustainable farming and organic farming cycle

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