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Wilcox Farms specializes in sustainable, organic farming methods to produce the freshest cage free organic eggs.

Wilcox Family Farms is a 100 year old farm that sits on 1,500 acres of sustainable farmland along the Nisqually River in the foothills of Mt Rainier. Wilcox Family Farms was founded in 1909 by Judson and Elizabeth Wilcox who set out to build a family business and ultimately a lifelong legacy. Since its beginnings, Wilcox Farms has been known for supplying high quality, farm fresh eggs to families and businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

Wilcox Family Farm is dedicated to sustainable farming and cage free chickens to help produce fresh and delicious organic eggs.

Today the fourth generation of the Wilcox Family continues in the tradition of sustainable farming and community outreach. Andy, Brent and Chris Wilcox proudly run the business their parents, grandparents and great grandparents  built. The Wilcox Family is committed to supplying your family and local businesses with quality organic and cage-free egg.

Wilcox Family Farms’ commitment to sustainability launched the company in 2005 as a transitioning farm in the cage free and organic movement while they convert to cage-free systems and organic raising methods. Wilcox chickens will all have outdoor access to roam freely and eat organically. The goal of Wilcox Farms is to become the premier organic cage-free egg producer in the Pacific Northwest through unbeatable products and support in the community. This change is in response to the growing demand for organic and cage-free eggs as well as the company’s desire to sustain the land, community and company for the future.

Wilcox Farm is located in the foothills of Mt. Rainier where it utilizes humane and sustainable farming methods to help produce the freshest, most delicious, cage free organic eggs

Families enjoy visiting Wilcox Farms for special events. They enjoy the natural setting of a real, 100 year old family farm. Call to schedule a tour of our the original home and property where Judson and Elizabeth Wilcox raised their children and began their business and legacy. Watch our website, and the communities, for our annual events, call us about group tours, and browse our website to learn more about where your eggs come from!

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Please e-mail our customer service team if you would like to learn more about Wilcox Family Farms, products and commitment to the environment or call us at 1-360-458-7774