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Steven Green Update

Posted On: December 6th, 2013

For Immediate Release
December 5, 2013
Contact: Brent Wilcox 360-458-7774

Roy, WA – Last night at approximately 10:30pm the body of Steven Green was recovered from the toppled silo at the Wilcox Family Farms mill site.

“The Wilcox family extends our condolences, thoughts and prayers to Steven Green’s family for their loss” said Brent Wilcox, CEO of Wilcox Family Farms. “This is a devastating loss to our company and our community. Steve was an exceptional person and employee. Our family and all the Wilcox employees share in grieving his loss.”

“We will support his family members every way we can during this difficult time,” said Wilcox. “We have set up a memorial fund for Steve’s family and our company has made a substantial contribution to the fund. We are also encouraging contributions from our employees, and we encourage others to support Steve’s family during this tragedy.”

Contributions can be made to the Memorial Fund for Steve Green at any Key Bank.

The Wilcox family is also supporting their employees during this difficult time and grief counselors have been made available to employees today. The Fire Department and local police also provided chaplains for both the family and Wilcox employees at the scene over the past few days.

“We greatly appreciate the emergency management response services who have responded in this recovery effort and thank the support of our community during these trying times,” said Wilcox. “We will continue to fully cooperate with response teams and investigators until their work is complete.”

Wilcox Family Farms has hired KPFF consulting engineers to expedite the demolition of the site and ensure that it is safe.

“We want to understand why and how this tragedy happened and ensure that it will never happen again.” Said Wilcox. “Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees.”

“Finally, I want to thank our fellow northwest egg producers and feed suppliers, Valley Fresh Foods National Food Corporation, Stiebers Farms, Willamette Egg, Oakdale Eggs, and X-Cel Feeds who have all stepped forward with support and offers of assistance to us,” said Wilcox.